Healthmate Sauna Covers

Healthmate is another company specialized in the field of saunas, we are an authorized agent to manufacture and sell covers for their saunas to our clients.  With this cover your sauna will have a longer useful life, which will allow you to enjoy its benefits for a longer time.  Healthmate sauna covers are made from high-quality materials for a first-rate price-benefit ratio.

Healthmate Sauna Covers for Sale

In our company you will get different designs of healthmate sauna covers, they are made under the highest quality standards, we have at your disposal a wide variety of models and sizes, which we ensure that the cover fits perfectly to your sauna.

In the event that your sauna has undergone a transformation, we will make your sauna cover to measure and according to all the specifications you make, we are always ready to fulfill the dreams or goals of our customers. 

Healthmate Sauna Covers Features

The healthmate sauna covers have a wide variety of features, have a first class manufacturing and an unbeatable cost. Among the most important characteristics of the healthmate sauna covers are:

  • Custom manufacturing, you can choose the colours for the sides and the roof, as well as adjusting to the measurements of your sauna.
  • The upper border can be elaborated in one of the two models presented, in nice waves or straight.
  • There are three options for the door, the first, the classic roll-up door from bottom to top; the second, it rolls up sideways, that is, from right to left, this version has a top and bottom Velcro to hold it; in the third, the door is completely removed, this has a Velcro at the top and a closure on each side.
  • The sauna cover has a security fastening system, this has two or three snaps (depending on whether your sauna is corner or rectangular) at the bottom. There is the option to increase the number of snaps depending on the wind speed experienced in the area where the sauna will be located:
    • If wind speeds are greater than 15 mph, it is recommended that two snaps per side (front, side and rear) be placed for a total of 8 snaps.
    • In the event that winds exceed 25 miles per hour, it is recommended to place a snaps every 18 inches, the total number of snaps will depend on the size of the sauna.
  • The zippers, vinyl or canvas and threads used are marine grade, which assures our customers that their product will last a long time, its resistance against humidity and any weather changes that may occur.
  • The border in our designs not only enhances the design of the sauna cover, but also protects the sauna from humidity, providing extra protection against water from rain or melting snow that may accumulate on the sauna roof.
  • All of our sauna covers come with a 1-year labor warranty and a 5-year limited warranty. Also, installation and cleaning instructions, detailed warranty information, and the screws required for installation plus one extra are available.