Frequently Asked Questions


  • What type of material are your Sauna Covers made from? The sidewalls of our Sauna Covers are constructed using a high quality, durable, Sauleda Marine Canvas, that is warranted for 10 years directly from the canvas manufacturer.

  • What type of material are your Sauna Cover Roof’s made from? All of the roofs of our Sauna Covers are made from Waterproof Aqualon roofing material for all sauna covers, that is warranted for 5 years directly from the manufacturer.

  • What is included when I purchase a Regular Sauna Cover? Included with each Sauna Cover is the following: A marine grade fully functioning cover; a 3/8-inch, #1 Phillips Recess Screw head, self-tapping screws, Brass/Nickel studs, and Stainless-Steel snaps to securely hold your cover in place.

  • How Exact are the Covers Made? Each Sauna Cover is custom made to fit your make and model of Sauna. They are “custom fit” to fit like a glove over your specific make and model sauna.

  • What is the Warranty on your Product? Each Sauna Cover comes with a 1-year craftsmanship warranty and a 5-year limited warranty on the material from the material manufacturers.

  • How is the door flap secured when I am using my Sauna? Most of our Sauna Cover models have permanently attached ties (cloth ties) to allow you to roll up the door to your Sauna and secure the door out of the way when you are using the Sauna.

  • Will a Sauna Cover cause Mold or Fungus to form inside my Sauna? A properly installed and maintained Cover should never allow fungus or mold to grow inside or outside of your Sauna Cover or Sauna. We sell hundreds of Sauna Covers a year and we have never had any fungus complaints or Mold complaints because of our covers at any time. With that said, please be aware that we cannot warranty our product when it is not properly installed or maintained.