The best sauna pillows & cushions

In our store you have at your disposal a wide variety of sauna pillows and cushions, custom made with the best materials available in the market today at an unbeatable price. With these accessories your sauna will become a special place, where you will not only get physical benefits, but you will be able to free your mind from daily pressures.

 Sauna Pillows

Sauna pillows are a wonderful accessory that will allow you to adopt different positions inside the sauna, leaving stiffness and discomfort behind. The sauna pillows will help you to better relax your body parts, since you will have a special support that will provide you with a higher level of ergonomics, thus achieving body relaxation.

Among the sauna pillows that you can find in our store, the lumbar pillow stands out. This pillow will help you keep your lumbar vertebrae in a natural position and relieve the pressure that falls on them.

This happens because our lumbar pillow makes it easier for the spine to adopt its natural curvature, causing each of the vertebrae to align and maintain a comfortable, healthy position for the back and hips.

Sauna Pillows Features

The sauna pillows we manufacture for you stand out from all those you can get in the market today, because we have achieved the perfect balance between quality, design and comfort. The features of the sauna pillows that stand out the most are: 

  • The sauna pillow is designed in a very comfortable size and easy handling.
  • It is made of marine grade acrylic canvas, resistant to weather changes. In addition, it combines perfectly with the sauna cover, creating a harmonious design.
  • They have a high level of comfort and durability.
  • The fabric (canvas) from which they are made is resistant to mildew and fungus, so they will not deteriorate or be harmful to health.
  • They provide a much more pleasant and comforting stay in the sauna, because the body can take more comfortable positions.

Sauna Cushions

Sauna cushions are another excellent option when selecting an accessory for your sauna. These cushions are designed to facilitate the stay inside the sauna, with each one of them you can adopt different positions which will allow you to relax to clear your mind of the vicissitudes occurred and loosen your body from the daily tensions.

These cushions can be customized according to the client's needs and the characteristics of the warm atmosphere created by the vapors, but they will make your sauna stand out from the rest, because they are not only useful, they are a decorative piece of great quality.

Features of Sauna Cushions

The sauna cushions that we offer to our customers are extraordinary, they are manufactured to meet the needs of comfort, quality and decoration that will make you enjoy an extraordinary moment of relaxation. Among the most outstanding features of sauna cushions are the following:

  • Sauna cushions are custom made, so they will perfectly fit the dimensions of your sauna.
  • They are made from the same marine grade vinyl that is used for sauna covers.
  • Their design and color match the colors and design of the sauna cover.
  • These cushions have great durability, thanks to the high-end materials used to make them.
  • The acrylic canvas or fabric used to make the cushions is resistant to mold and mildew, which prevents damage to health and deterioration of the pieces.
  • The foam used in the cushion is of high density, which makes the stay inside the sauna much more comfortable and harmonious. These sauna cushions will not only allow you to enjoy a pleasant moment.