Everything for your Sauna

Our company specializes in developing durable products with an unmatched design, under the highest quality standards that will guarantee a great price-quality ratio. We manufacture various styles of sauna covers, sauna pillows and cushions, sauna floors and sauna mats.

We have an experience of more than two decades, so our products are made with the best materials on the market. Each one of them resists the inclemency of nature, they keep perfectly under an intense sun, a constant rain or snow or the strongest winds; each design is intended to have a long service life.

Our long history has allowed us to optimize our manufacturing processes and master the art of sauna covers and any kind of covers, as well as any other sauna accessory that can enhance your experience within it. We do not reject any type of work, no matter how simple or complicated, it is a pleasure for us to make your ideas come true.

Sauna Covers

Our sauna covers are made of the best materials that exist today, we also manufacture them according to the indications of our clients, in such a way that the product fully satisfies their needs.

We have a variety of models of covers that can be customized to adapt to the measurements of the sauna and the decoration of the client, in such a way that the visual harmony of the place where the sauna is located is maintained.

Sauna Pillows

The pillows and cushions for sauna manufactured by us have superior attributes, we work with high quality materials which guarantees the customer a durable product with an excellent price - quality ratio.

In our inventory we have a variety of models that meet the design needs of our customers. Also, each model can be customized according to the customer's requirements, each sauna cushion and pillow can be adjusted to the buyer's needs and its design will be based on the decoration of the place or the appearance of the sauna where our piece is going to be placed.

Sauna Flooring

Our company is also dedicated to manufacture sauna flooring, they are made of materials that are not affected by the humidity generated by the steam, they do not deform or fracture by the intensity of the heat. Likewise, different types of Sauna Floor Mat are manufactured to generate greater safety when standing or walking through the sauna.

Like the rest of our products, the sauna flooring can be customized according to the customer's requirements. There is a variety of colors, styles, sizes and densities to suit the customer's taste and intensity of use.