Sauna Flooring Mat

Our company produces the sauna floormat with the best price-quality ratio on the current market, our material is marine grade, which guarantees a long useful life, in addition, it brings an instruction manual for its care and cleaning, not counting the multiple benefits it brings to you and the sauna. 

The Best Sauna Floormat

At we pride ourselves on the quality of our products, our sauna floormat is manufactured under the highest quality standards so you will receive a high-level product at a very affordable price.

We also have the foresight to produce our pieces with a tolerance in the dimensions of ½ inch of the measurements provided by the client. The sauna floormat is shipped within a period of 1 to 3 weeks (from the time you place the order), the time will depend on where you reside.

The sauna floormat will allow you to have a safer and more comfortable stay inside the sauna, as its manufacturing material will prevent slipping or false footprints, in addition, it protects the wood of the floor, which will increase the useful life of your sauna. 

Sauna Floormat Features

Like all our products, the sauna floormat has many attributes that make it stand out in the world of saunas, this accessory is very useful and safe, because it creates a more adherent surface for the feet. Among the most important characteristics of the sauna floormat are:

  • The sauna floormat is custom made to perfectly fit the dimensions of your sauna, thus avoiding bends at the edges or an empty space.
  • Placing the sauna floormat protects the sauna floor, which makes the wood of the floor look better for much longer.
  • It is made from the same marine grade material as the waterproof roof of the sauna cover, which maintains insulation from moisture to the inner rubber.
  • The foam rubber used inside the sauna floormat is of high density, which ensures greater comfort and convenience when walking, stepping on or standing on it.
  • The vinyl used in this mat can be identical or in combination with that of the exterior, which makes the overall design of the sauna cover and all its internal accessories more harmonious.
  • The combination of the outer fabric and the inner high-density rubber make the time in the sauna much more pleasant and enjoyable.
  • It has a washing manual and warranty.