Sauna Cover for Sale

Outdoor sauna covers allow you to bring your indoor sauna outdoors, helping you to enjoy a warm and comforting environment in the comfort of your home. Our sauna covers are the best priced sauna covers available today, they are made of the finest materials and provide you with a variety of benefits that will extend the life of your sauna.

 The Best Sauna Covers

Our company specializes in the manufacture of sauna covers; our covers have a lot of attributes that make them stand out in an extraordinary way within the sauna accessories industry.

We use high quality materials that will not only provide you with a long lasting product but will also have a wonderful look that will blend in with your decorating style.

Our sauna covers are manufactured according to the customer's needs, you can customize it to get your dream sauna cover, that is, a functional, durable and original design sauna cover.

If you want to give a new look to your sauna, just contact our company and give us your specifications. From then on, we will take care of the sauna cover that you want so much. Nowadays, due to the great demand of our products, you must wait between 10 and 12 weeks to receive your sauna cover and transform your sauna.

 Features of Sauna Covers

The sauna covers that we manufacture have a variety of features that distinguish them from the rest, they stand out for their quality and design. Some of the characteristics of the sauna covers that stand out the most are:

  • Custom manufacturing, choosing the colors of the roof and sides of the cover.
  • Choice of the finish of the border, this can be with waves or straight.
  • The standard door opening is vertical, that is, it is rolled from bottom to top; also, you can opt for a side opening door, this has a Velcro that holds the valance and the bottom edge of the cover, allowing to open the sauna door easily; also, there is a door option that allows you to remove it completely, at the top has a Velcro fastening and on the sides two locks that open completely.
  • The sauna cover has fasteners, typically 2 or 3 (this will depend on whether the sauna unit is corner or rectangular). There is an option to increase the number of fasteners depending on the wind speed experienced in the area where the sauna will be located:
    • If the winds have a speed of more than 15 miles per hour, it is recommended to place two snaps per side (front, sides and back), for a total of 8 snaps.
    • In the case of winds over 25 miles per hour, it is recommended to place one snap every 18 inches, the total number of them will depend on the size of the sauna.
  • The sauna covers are made with zippers, vinyl roof and marine grade yarns of the highest level, which guarantees durability over time and resistance against humidity and other climatic elements.
  • They have a border on the front and sides that not only has a decorative function, it helps to keep the sauna clean and dry, because it provides extra protection against humidity; besides, under it (on the front side), there are the bands to hold the door after rolling up.
  • All our sauna covers come with a 1-year labor warranty and a 5-year limited warranty. Also, installation and cleaning instructions, detailed warranty information, and the screws required for installation plus one extra are available.