Sauna (Roof Only) Cover

  • $95.00

Rushed orders will ship within 5-10 BUSINESS DAYS

Standard One (1) Inch Height for this product - This Product will only come down 1 inch on all sides from the top.  Snaps Will be placed within the One Inch Hem.

This Product will NOT protect your entire sauna, only the roof. 

This product is perfect for saunas made for outdoor use or saunas in which you are looking to keep the dirt and or dust off the top of your sauna. 

A cover provides your sauna with a waterproof cover that will protect your sauna (roof only) from mother nature.

Custom Build your Sauna (Roof Only) Cover:

You can choose your roof color.

ADDED SNAPS FOR WIND & to hold the sauna  (roof only) cover in place:
Snaps every 18 inches and all corners (depending on the size of your sauna this would determine how many snaps you would have on the top side edges of your cover).

If you have questions about our product(s) or are unsure about anything - reach out to us and we will respond promptly (usually within 24 hours).


Most Covers Include:

  • Marine Grade Vinyl roof for both flat roof and peak roof;
  • Marine Grade Thread;
  • 5-year Limited Warranty.
  • **Install the cover once and you have full usage to your sauna.

    Watch our Video on how to Install a Sauna Cover:

  • Your custom Sauna Cover is constructed with the highest quality marine grade materials:

  • Waterproof Aqualon Roof material, that is warranted for 5 years;
  • Marine grade thread made from UVR polyester that will last the lifetime of your cover;
  • Marine grade, 3/8-inch, #1 Phillips Recess Screw head, self-tapping screws, Brass/Nickel studs, and Stainless-Steel Snaps to securely hold your cover in place (we put the Snaps on to provide better support to ensure your cover will stay in place in moderately windy environments);
  • A 1-year craftsmanship warranty along with a 5-year limited warranty


  • Snaps attached to the cover, polyester UV 16-ounce thread; and
  • A Slip Cover including: installation instructions, all cleaning instructions, warranty information, .004 plastic sheet, and self-tapping DOT screws (including one extra screw).
Care Instructions: DO NOT machine wash this product ever. Surface wipe only with mild soap and water. Hang the cover to Dry.

    **Please Be Sure to Measure Twice - So We Only Ship Once**

    Watch our Video on How to Measure For a Cover:


    • is responsible for creating a finished Sauna Cover product within a tolerance of one-quarter of an inch (1/4") of the dimensions either provided by the customer or the dimensions on file for non custom products.
    • Delivery times will depend upon where you reside.

    Limited Warranty - Sauna Cover

    Side Material - Sauleda PDF Spec Sheet

    Roof Material - Aqualon PDF Spec Sheet

    Thread Material - V-92 Thread PDF Spec Sheet
                          - Returns Policy PDF

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