Replacement Snaps for Sauna Cover

  • $20.00

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If your area experiences any winds over 15 miles per hour we would recommend upgrading to at least "two snaps on each side" (this puts two snaps at the bottom on each side of the sauna - front, each side, and rear - this would put a total of 8 snaps on your cover instead of the standard 2-3 depending on if its a corner unit or standard rectangle. 

If your area experiences any winds over 25 miles per hour plus we would recommend upgrading to snaps every 18 inches (depending on the size of your sauna this would determine how many snaps you would have on the base of your cover).

Marine grade, 3/8-inch, #1 Phillips Recess Screw head, self-tapping screws, Brass/Nickel studs, and Stainless-Steel Snaps to securely hold your cover in place (we put the Snaps on to provide better support to ensure your sauna cover will stay in place in moderately windy environments);

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