Insulated Thermal Sauna Cover (Extreme - Cold Climates)

  • $265.00

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Recommended for Temperatures/climates below 15 degrees Fahrenheit during winter.


  • These Insulated Thermal Covers add additional insulation which will allow your sauna to heat up quickly and allow your sauna to maintain the heat using less energy no matter what the outside temperature is;
  • The Insulated Thermal Sauna Cover has an extra thick layer of insulation in addition to the already added insulation, of the standard Thermal Sauna Cover;
  • The Insulated Thermal Sauna Cover does not protect against Mother Nature, it is not weather resistant by itself, you still need a regular Sauna Cover on the outside of the thermal cover;
  • ZERO Warranty provided for this product (Insulated Thermal Cover);
  • The Insulated Thermal Sauna Cover only comes in silver, (The Insulated Thermal Cover is made from 10oz 9x9 CHROME MYLAR VINYL);
  • **Install the insulated Insulated Thermal Cover once and you have full usage to your sauna.


The Standard door for the cover is a roll-up door (vertical) and has three ties to secure the door at the top. 

The Upgraded door rolls to the side (horizontal) using velcro along the top of the cover under the valance, and in addition, there are 2 zippers that zip down toward the ground and detaches (like how a hooded sweatshirt functions) allowing for the door to roll to either side secured by reinforced ties or hang on its own with the door being open thus allowing the sauna door to be opened.  This upgraded door also has the option to be fully removed to expose the entire front door/front.

  • Watch our Video on how to Install a Thermal Cover:


    • Complete Thermal Cover including: Front Door (to roll open), ties (to secure the door), polyester UV 16-ounce thread; and
    • Installation instructions, and all cleaning instructions.

      Care Instructions: DO NOT machine wash this product.  Surface wipe this product only with mild soap. Hang this product to Dry. 

      **Please Be Sure to Measure Twice - So We Only Ship Once**


      Watch our Video on How to Measure For a Cover:


      • Delivery times will depend upon where you reside.
      • is responsible for creating a finished Insulated Thermal Sauna Cover product within a tolerance of one-quarter of an inch (1/4") of the dimensions either provided by the customer or the dimensions on file for non-custom products.


        Sides & Roof Material - 10oz Chrome PDF Spec Sheet


        Thread Material - V-92 Thread PDF Spec Sheet


        Zipper Material - #10 Zipper PDF Spec Sheet

          - Returns Policy PDF

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