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Are you considering getting a sauna for your home? While many homes won’t have the space needed for an indoor sauna without doing some remodeling, they may have the space for an outdoor sauna. There are many different sizes and styles available when it comes to saunas, so you want to be sure you understand a few things before making a purchase. In addition to learning more about saunas and how to choose them, you’ll also learn what to look for in the best sauna cover for your outdoor sauna.

Benefits of an Outdoor Sauna?

Outdoor saunas can provide you with a wide range of benefits, making them a great purchase option for homes that have enough space outdoors.

Naturally, the first thing that comes to mind for most people will be the relaxation benefits offered by saunas. Sitting in a warm sauna can indeed be a great way to relieve stress and unwind after a long day or a tough workout. However, saunas can offer a range of other health benefits, as well.

If you have been putting off looking at manufacturer options or checking customer reviews for saunas, it’s time to start. There are plenty of options and they are more affordable than you might think.

Once you do have one of these outdoor use saunas installed on your property, make sure you also keep it safe with sauna covers and other protection.

How Do I Protect My Outdoor Sauna?

Whether you already own an outdoor sauna, or you are considering buying one, understand how to maintain it properly. When you take good care of the sauna, it has the potential to last for many years.

Once you have everything installed and set up correctly, you will still have to think about the overall maintenance it will require.

Make sure that the exterior surface of the sauna has had quality stain added. It should be resistant to UV radiation, as well as to rain. The stains, when applied, should fully coat the exterior. Keep in mind that because this is an outdoor sauna, you will need to reapply the stain from time to time. Generally, you will want to reapply it once every two to five years. This ensures that it continues to provide the protection you need.

The interior of the sauna should be fully sealed, and it should have a wood preservative applied to the wooden parts. Make sure the sealants and preservatives are specifically for saunas. After using the sauna, it is typically a good idea to open the door to allow any moisture to dry. The airflow of an open door helps with this.

When sitting in the sauna, rather than sitting directly on the wood, it’s a good idea to have something like a terrycloth towel under you. This is not only more comfortable, but it will also help to ensure the benches aren’t covered in perspiration. Give the benches a surface wipe after to make sure they are clean.

You can also use sauna cleaner to wash down the floor and benches regularly. Always use cleaners specifically made for saunas rather than harsh or abrasive cleaners, as they could damage the wood. Follow the cleaning instructions from the manufacturer. Mild soap works well for the walls, front door, etc.

Check the integrity of the sauna roof to make sure there aren't any water pools accumulating. This is usually only an issue for flat-roof saunas. If you have sauna covers, be aware that water pools could still form on them.

Door maintenance is easy, too. Clean the door, inside and out, and make sure it is properly sealed. Ensure it has been installed properly and check the hardware to ensure it doesn’t rust. Good hardware should last a long time. If you notice that the door sticks, it could be due to swelling during certain times of the year or after use. You want to be sure the door isn’t too difficult to open and close.

Get a complete sauna cover. The cover will help to provide some added protection for your sauna year-round, making sure that it will last for many years.

As you can see, taking care of the sauna is not too difficult. You just need to keep up with the cleaning and maintenance. These tips can work for many types of saunas including both flat roof and barrel saunas, not to mention a custom sauna. Later, we will discuss a few other tips on caring for the sauna during the colder months of the year.

What Do You Put Under an Outdoor Sauna?

The best protection starts with proper installation. When you are placing the sauna in your backyard, you will want to make sure that the foundation is flat and that the ground is capable of holding it properly.

Ideally, you will place it on a deck, on paver stones, pressed gravel, or concrete. You would also use treated wood that is placed on the ground beneath the building. If you are going to do this, it tends to be a good idea to have some gravel beneath the treated wood to provide more support.

You don’t want it just sitting in the dirt if you can help it. Follow the installation instructions and have a professional help you if you can’t do it on your own.

Many models available today feature molded cradle supports. These help to elevate the sauna, so it doesn’t suffer from any moisture damage.

When you are choosing the outdoor sauna, you also need to think about the dimensions before buying. How much space do you have in your yard and how much space are you willing to give up for the sauna? Measure the yard dimensions and check those against the dimensions of the one you are considering. There are cabin styles, barrel styles, flat roofs, and custom saunas available. Find the one right for you.

Can You Put a Sauna Outside in the Winter?

This is a common question. Fortunately, the answer is that you can definitely keep a sauna outside in the winter.

One of the other considerations will be snow on the roof. Heavy snow can cause damage. Therefore, remove the snow when it starts to pile up. Do this before you use the sauna, otherwise, it could start to melt and could cause water leakage. It could also then refreeze after you are finished with the sauna session. Even if you are using great outdoor sauna covers, you don't want heavy snow on the roof.

It can be a good idea to use outdoor sauna covers during the winter, as well. This ensures that the snow is not directly on the roof. Just make sure you are using a high-quality waterproof cover made from durable material, tear-resistant, and easy to use. Outdoor sauna covers will be one of the best accessories you can buy to protect from the elements all year long.

If you keep it outside during the winter, as many people do, make sure to check for any issues, such as leaks or other damage in the spring. Make any necessary repairs as soon as you find them, so you can keep the sauna in great working condition.

Can Sauna Be Kept Outside?

As you have seen, there is no trouble when it comes to keeping the sauna outside whether you have a custom sauna or one that’s ready to add to the cart. You just need to be sure it was installed correctly and that you keep up with the basic maintenance. Through the rain, snow, wind, and other weather conditions, you should have no trouble with your sauna.

Of course, you will want to have good heavy-duty outdoor sauna covers, such as one made from canvas or another durable fabric. This helps to provide some better protection, so keep the sauna cover on whenever you aren’t using the sauna.

Why Don't You Insulate a Barrel Sauna?

While insulation works for some types of saunas, you don’t want it for a barrel sauna. These are already weather-resistant, and the design of these is meant to allow for the hot air in the sauna to flow freely.

Can a Sauna be Stored Outside?

Yes, a sauna can be stored outside. However, you want to make sure it is put up and installed as soon as possible after you receive it. This will reduce the risk of damage to any parts of the sauna. You can store your sauna outside for as long as needed when you provide it with proper installation, care, and maintenance. Don’t forget about the protection of a good sauna cover.

However, if you have the space to bring the sauna inside during the months when you don’t use it, this may be a better option. Not everyone has that space, though, and may not be able to move the sauna easily once it has been installed.

Can You Put an Indoor Sauna Outside Under a Cover?

Yes, it is possible to put an indoor sauna outside, as long as you have a good sauna cover. Additionally, you will want to make sure that it won’t be exposed to too much moisture from rain, hail, dew, etc. It also needs to be protected from strong winds, UV radiation, etc.

It is not an ideal solution to have an indoor sauna outside, but it can work. However, if you have an infrared sauna, check the manufacturer's instructions to see if it is suitable for the outdoors.

Tips for Choosing the Right Sauna Covers

What should you look for when you are choosing a vinyl or canvas sauna cover? It needs to be large enough to cover your entire building, so make sure you measure the sauna and measure the cover twice just to be sure. You can find elastic options, sauna covers made from canvas or vinyl, and other durable materials.

Whether you opt for a custom-made cover or one that is already made and ready to go, always try to buy the best. Look for a heavy-duty option with high durability when choosing your sauna covers. Check the price, material, warranty information, the cost of shipping, etc. to be sure you are getting the right sauna cover. Find UV resistant sauna cover that can handle the wind without flying away. Always follow the proper care instructions included with the cover. For example, can you machine wash the sauna covers or will they need to be hand-washed?

It is a good idea to check into a review or two to ensure you are getting a great, secure sauna cover that will protect your sauna. You will then have a better idea of whether the sauna cover you want can protect your building. It can also help you learn how to use it, whether it works for extreme weather conditions, is secure, etc. Find a nicely constructed style you like that is easy to use.

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