Taking Great Care of Your Outdoor Sauna

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Having a sauna room on your property is one of the best investments you can make. A sauna is a fantastic option for those who want to have a place where they can retreat and simply unwind after a long and hard day. They are great after workouts, help to reduce stress, and can provide some nice health benefits. Relax with friends and family in your outdoor sauna after a meal or drinks.

However, if you are considering getting an outdoor sauna, along with a quality outdoor sauna cover, you should make sure you know how to protect and care for it properly. They can be a fantastic investment, but you want the sauna to work well for many years to come without issue. Even an excellent quality sauna room won’t last if you don’t protect it properly.

How Do I Protect My Outdoor Sauna?

The first thing you need to think about with your outdoor sauna will be the location. Where are you going to put this in your yard and how much space do you have available?

Consider the dimensions of the sauna or sauna tent you want to have on your property and make sure that it will fit in the space you have. Keep in mind that sometimes smaller is better. The sauna will heat up faster in most cases with a smaller space. Just be sure you have enough room for all those who want to use it at the same time. Check the dimensions of your space against the dimensions of the sauna.

Once you know you have enough space for your sauna, you can then place an order and have the seller ship it to your door. These are generally in kits that are easy to build, but you could always hire someone to build your steam room for you if you prefer.

You want to be sure you have a durable building that can stand up to the weather. Adding a sealant to waterproof the sauna will help to ensure there is no moisture getting inside. This should be added to the exterior. You should also make sure that you ask your sauna manufacturer for warranty information.

Of course, you have to keep the interior wood in good shape, including the floor, walls, and benches. To keep the wood free of mold, dirt, and grim, you can use sealants on the inside, as well. However, you must ensure the products you choose are specifically made for saunas. After all, these rooms get hot and standard paint, sealants, and protectants are not going to work well. The sealant doesn’t need to be used inside if you want to keep the wood natural, but it can help.

Keeping the Sauna Clean

When the sauna has been installed and is ready to use, it is important to make sure you continue to maintain it. Here are some cleaning tips that can help.

Whether you use sealant or not, you want to clean the wood by wiping it down after you use it. Make sure to get all of the sweat off of the wood. Additionally, consider adding some terrycloth towels to sit on in the sauna. They are comfy and help to keep it clean. For cleaning, always use mild soap. Never use anything abrasive, as it could damage the wood.

Clean each wall, the floor, and other areas of the space every few times you use it. Keeping up with the cleaning means it shouldn’t ever get too dirty.

Don’t Forget Your Sauna Cover

You also need a great outdoor sauna cover for your sauna. The cover should be high-quality to protect properly, naturally. You might want to look for a marine grade option, for example. Getting a sauna tent or a cover for your sauna with a door flap will make it easier to get in and out when needed.

Can a Sauna Be Kept Outside?

Yes, you will find that you can purchase durable saunas that were made for outdoor use. Some of the styles include barrel and cabin saunas, both of which will look great in the yard. However, because they are outdoors, you need to be sure that the roof, walls, etc. are sealed, as mentioned above. The saunas rated for outdoor use have the potential to last for many years.

You might be wondering whether you could have an indoor sauna placed outside. It is possible, if you have a good outdoor sauna cover, and if the manufacturer's instructions say it can be used outside. The infrared saunas tend to be a bad choice, as they don’t fare well outdoors. In some cases, putting an indoor sauna outdoors could void the warranty.

What Do You Put Under an Outdoor Sauna?

When you are putting your sauna outdoors, you want to make sure that you have a flat, stable base. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways you can do this, so you don’t have your sauna sitting directly on the ground, which is never a good idea.

First, you might want to pour a concrete slab for the base. This will provide a secure space. Another option would be to put it directly on a patio if you already have one. This is a good option for those who want an easy installation.

The same would be true if you already have a wooden deck. You could also put down gravel and then cover that with treated wood. This can provide a secure base for the building. The sauna could then go on top of the treated wood. Decide which of these will work best for your space and your budget.

Do Outdoor Saunas Work in the Winter?

Yes, the saunas will work in the winter, but you do need to take extra care of them during the cold months. Covers are essential, and you want to be sure that the base, whether it’s the patio or a deck, doesn’t have too much snow buildup. The same is true of the roof. Remove snow from the roof, so it doesn’t become too heavy and cause damage. When the snow starts to melt, check to make sure there are no water pools on the roof.

Can You Put a Light in a Sauna?

Yes, you can have lights in the sauna. However, you will want to be sure that they are incandescent lamps of no more than 60 watts. You can’t use high-powered lights in your sauna.

What Is a Sauna Light?

Having lights in your sauna can create a nice, welcoming atmosphere. The lights also provide enough illumination so you can safely see and use the sauna without risk. While most people will use a soft yellow light, you can find a range of different colors and types that are rated for use in your sauna. Choose the one you like the best.

Where Should Lights be Placed in a Sauna?

You have quite a few options when it comes to where you place your sauna lights. They can be installed above the walls, the floor, etc. The locations you choose will determine the overall atmosphere. Keep in mind that you never want the lights to be above the heating source in the sauna.

How Do You Replace a Sauna Light?

Replacing these lights is straightforward, but you should always follow any manufacturer's instructions that come with the lights. Make sure there is no power running to the sauna, remove the old bulb, and then add the new light. Turn the power back on and make sure the sauna is working correctly.

Get Your Outdoor Sauna Cover Today

Keep your sauna covered when you aren’t using it by getting a high-quality sauna cover. You want to find a cover that features good material and that is waterproof, so you can protect the building from the rain. It should also have ties, Velcro, or elastic to help ensure it stays attached in the wind.

When you are considering a sauna cover from any company, check the prices, and make sure you do an in-depth check of reviews to see what other customers have to say about the product. If you have a custom sauna, keep in mind that you might need a custom sauna cover to go along with it.

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